Natural Pure Country breed Fresh milk services in Chennai


Our point speaks of fresh cow milk, which is directly procured from the farms and delivered to the families. With zero preservatives and zero added flavours, we serve fresh milk at your doorstep. Taste the freshness in milk products!
    Country Breed Cow Milk Services
  • The milk is brought to you only in glass bottles 0ne litre and Half litre, just like the good old days. We do this so that milk tastes good, and to keep it away from the dangerous toxins
  • we request you to always boil it on the same day you receive it. When you boil it, you are eliminating the bacteria that makes milk go bad.
  • Our Cow’s are fed with Organic green fodder which is grown using organic manure.It is the ultimate whole food which contains many essential nutrients for human health,We serve the milk Raw and Farm fresh.
  • Cerebrosides present in organic milk increases brain power. Strontium of milk enhances the body Immunity and protects from harmful radiation. Omega 3 in country breed milk cleans the cholesterol deposits of blood vessels.

Self Owned Farm & Cows

Spread over 4 acres of beautiful piece of land with more than 120 plus country breed cows

Organic Feed Only

Our cows are fed with the highest quality of fodder made especially for them in the farm itself.

Daily Health Monitoring

Each cow’s health is monitored using computerized health tag.

Hand made milk

Milking is done using Handmade only, we do not use the machine to produce the milk.