About Us

SB Green Farm pure milk in Anna Nagar

SB Green Farm is a dream; a hope and a promise for humanity. Our product portfolio includes milk, ghee, processed cheese, butter, proprietary foods like dairy whitener, all made from 100 percent fresh cow’s milk. Pride of Cows, a brand of SB Green Milk Foods, is a first-of-its-kind, superior farm-to-home milk, from Chennai’s most modern dairy farm,

SB Green is a first-of-its-kind, pre-eminent, farm-to-home cow milk brand committed to international standards of product quality. Founded and headquartered in Anna Nagar, Chennai, and nurtured by two passionate and accomplished entrepreneurs, the brand epitomizes pasteurized cow milk. We believe that milk tastes best when packed in glass bottles as glass bottles don’t transfer foreign scent and taste into the milk and keeps milk as it is. The brand envisions catering to the discerning connoisseurs of dairy, who would settle for nothing but the best!

Origin of milk - Sothupakkam Village

SB Green Farm is committed towards providing you with completely Pure, Healthy, Organic, Nutritious, Untouched & Unadulterated, chemical-free and farm fresh milk. We ensure that every drop of Puriverra milk is packed with all of its natural goodness right from farm to your home. We follow all international standards in hygienic process, chilled to 4 degree Celsius, bottled and delivered to your doorstep through a completely mechanized process from start to end.

From Farm to Your Doorstep


The milk is produced at our own farm, lab-tested and is directly packed in the bottle to maintain the quality and organic of the milk.

The milk is then placed in the milk vans in insulated cool boxes to maintain the quality of the milk.

Our delivery boys bring you convenience, freshness, and trust every morning when they deliver on time in Anna Nagar surrounded. The milk is brought to you only in glass bottles 0ne litre and half a litre, just like the good old days. We do this so that milk tastes good, and to keep it away from the dangerous toxins.