Pure Cow Butter

Natural Pure Country breed Cow White Butter

Our country breed Cow white butter (fresh, raw & unsalted) ! Prepared by the natural enzymatic vedic bilona method.

Milk is Raw & Fresh & Non Pasteurised & chilled & packed for distribution on same day. All Milk is from country breed Cows .

    Country Breed Cow Butter Advantages
  • Paneer is made Fresh from Raw Cows Milk & served in Whey Water.
  • Butter is made Fresh from country breed Cows Raw Milk.
  • Butter Milk is made fresh from Churning Curd, there is no preservative at all. In case, the Butter Milk becomes sour, it can be used for making butter chicken, Butter cake and etc.
  • Ghee is made from Butter which is obtained by churning Curd.
  • Cooking Oils: All Cooking oils are 100% Pure & Cold Extracted with No Blending.

Self Owned Farm & Cows

Spread over 4 acres of beautiful piece of land with more than 120 plus country breed bcows

Organic Feed Only

Our cows are fed with the highest quality of fodder made especially for them in the farm itself.

Daily Health Monitoring

Each cow’s health is monitored using computerized health tag.

Hand made milk

Milking is done using Handmade only, we do not use the machine to produce the milk.